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Ruinas de Santo Domingo
2007 © R. Blanco
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The municipality of Pontevedra is located between 42°20' and 42°30' north and 8°33' and 8°41' west. It sits at the end of the ría (fjord) that bears its name, occupying the valleys of the Lérez and Tomeza rivers. It extends southward to the mouth of the río Verdugo in Ponte Sampaio. It is surrounded by four mountainous regions divided by two faults, one north-south and one northeast-southwest. To the north it borders the municipalities of Barro, Moraña, and Campo Lameiro; to the east, Cotobade and Ponte Caldelas; to the south, Soutomaior, Vilaboa, and Marín, and to the west, Poio and the ría. The municipality covers approximately 117 km² and is about 20 km wide from north to south.
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